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The order form for the 2020 workbook to be published.

For those ordering RIA Federal Tax Handbooks, we may need to charge sales tax on individual orders because the books will not be shipped to the tax-exempt school.  If you want to obtain tax-free shipments, Thomson-Reuters will need a state department of taxation letter exempting Thomson-Reuters from collecting the sales tax on such orders. Bulk orders will continue to be shipped without sales tax.

The book return policy continues for 2017. Any and all extra workbooks may be returned for a $14.00/book credit. This also applies to damaged books and misprinted books

Please contact Robert Achenbach before you attempt to return any books for credit. Robert may know of another school which may need/purchase the books for full amount. Returns need to be made in time for the credit to be included on the final book/CD shipping invoice (by Dec. 15 would be best). Otherwise, I will carryover the credit to the 2017 book order.

In order to minimize the expense of the returns, only the cover and title page need to be actually returned to the LGUTEF main office, 127 Young Rd., Kelso, WA 98626.

Order Form 2020
2020 Book Order form – coming