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"The National Income Tax Workbook was the most timely, well written CPE material that I have used in my 40 year tax career."
-- A. R., Texas

Sample Chapters from Past Workbooks

2016-17 LGUTEF Writing Competition

The Land Grant University Tax Education Foundation, Inc. (LGUTEF) announces an annual competition with the purpose of identifying outstanding young scholars with aptitude and interest in federal income taxation education.  The top three winners will receive a cash prize as follows: First Prize $1,500; Second Prize $1,000; and Third Prize $500.  For more information, download the following five files:  Competition Details; Sample Chapter: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3; Workbook Stylesheet.

2016-17 LGUTEF Online Income Tax Update Course

Begins December 15, 2016.

The Land Grant University Tax Education Foundation, Inc. (LGUTEF) announces a 16-hour online self-study/lecture course covering the topics of the 2016 Income Tax Workbook.  Operated by the University of Minnesota College of Continuing Education, this course features professional instructors from the LGUTEF member schools. Click here for more information.